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Add 1g (Children) or 2g (Adults) To Your Favorite Foods

  • Water

    The simplest way to drink RINGI is to stir it in water. You can dilute it or concentrate it into a shot.

  • Juice

    Stir RINGI powder in to your favorite juice for your daily dose of complete nutrition.

  • Yogurt

    Change the flavor profile of your vanilla or plain yogurt with RINGI, as a snack or a meal.

  • Milk / Kefir/ Milkshake

    Turn your milk green and enjoy the many flavors of RINGI, any time.

  • Smoothie

    Blend RINGI in with your fruit based smoothies. RINGI is all the protein powder you will ever need.

  • Porridge / Cereal

    Sweeten and flavor your morning by adding RINGI to your oatmeal or hot cereal!

  • Bread, Muffins, Pancakes and Cookies

    Mix RINGI in flour and increase the nutrition of your baked goods. We recommend 1g for every cup of flour.